You will find plenty of things to do in Cabo in Spring Break

Book a boat outdoing:
When you in Cabo, The Arch is a must see. There are a ton of companies and cruises that venture out there – from booze cruises to scuba and paddle boarding excursions. 

Hit the Town:
During the day, you can find great places in Medano Beach for some drinks, food with nice ambiance and views.


It’s not spring break without a night on the town, and Cabo knows how to party. Downtown, there are tons of bars and clubs within walking distance.
Sunset dinners:

At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, colors splash across the sky every evening, painting swirls of orange and purples at sunset. Dining on fresh seafood and authentic Mexican dishes.  Cabo has live music events and deals on sizzling seafood and fresh margaritas.


Whether you want to sip by the pool, explore the beautiful Pacific coast, or party till the sun comes up, Cabo is the perfect spring break getaway.