We can´t deny that one of the best feelings we can experience in life is the one
where you decide to unite your life with the person you love the most. Planning this
great event is a strange combination of illusion and enthusiasm with a lot of
patience, effort and a little bit of fear.


Buying the dress, organizing the ceremony, selecting the perfect music for that
special day and planning the banquet require a great deal of personalization.
Fortunately, choosing the menu and the decoration of the party has never been
easier thanks to the multiple tools that exist so that the bride and groom can enjoy
their event without worries, they only need to take into account certain elements to
make their wedding a success, such as:


1. Location.


The place that will mark that special day for both of you, that great day that many
will remember and that will remain as a memory of union every time a talk about it
arises, that will make you feel emotions that you did not know you could have, for
this, it is very important that you consider how many people you want to live the
moment at your side, as well as prepare beforehand to be able to count on the
availability for your special date.


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2. Welcome cocktail.

This preamble is perfect for guests to greet each other or sign the wedding book
while enjoying drinks and light bites. It’s a warm and cozy way to entertain guests
while the bride and groom do their photo shoot.

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3. Attention to the guests.


The day of that great awaited date, many of our loved ones will be with us because
we chose them to be part of that wonderful memory, therefore, the invitations are a
crucial point of our preparation, in them we will express that we want them present,
the careful design that you choose should mainly include the following data:
The name of the lovers, the address of the selected place, as well as the date and the
dress code.

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4.Seating Plan.


It is necessary for the bride and groom to detail their guest list in order to seat each
guest with the most related people, by familiarity or personality. The relatives of the
bride and groom should be seated as close as possible to the head table. One idea
would be to place a sign on each table with the last names of each family or hire a
person to escort the guests to their seats.

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5. Photo and video.

Photographers capture the most exciting moments of that long-awaited day, as well
as small details that make the ceremony as you have always dreamed of. The main
objective of the video will be to record every detail of the wedding: the ceremony,
the banquet, bouquet toss and of course the dance.


6. Music and dancing.

Choosing the music is one of the most important decisions, as it will set the mood
for the guests. It is essential that it fits the theme of the wedding, likewise the bride
and groom could start with a more classic and romantic style for their first dance
and then decide if they want a DJ, Band or Ensemble with varied style for the dance
with their companions.


7. Menu.

For a memorable moment, not only the previous points are enough, but also the
food is fundamental, the bride and groom can choose the dishes they want, they can
choose between different types of dinner such as the classic banquet of three or four
times, buffet, maybe food stations or cocktail this in order to choose the most
appropriate option depending on the theme to be carried out, do not forget that you
must first make a previous tasting of several dishes and options, remember it is
something we want to remember for a lifetime.

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Wedding Dessert Bar.

It is important to have the recommendation of a pastry chef to calculate the size of
the cake, according to the portions you need to share with your guests.

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Desserts Table.

Here you can play with your creativity and flavors, it is important to have clear the
style or theme you want for your wedding, you can try all kinds of snacks, Mexican
sweets, salty snacks, fruits, charcuterie, bread, the idea is to find the flavors that
combine with our menu and the theme of the wedding, so do not hesitate to try and
experiment with flavors!

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8. Drinks.

Drinks should be according to the menu, they can be liquors, soft drinks, flavored
waters. It is important to calculate the approximate amount of alcohol that your
guests will consume, you can implement welcome cocktails or special drinks for
each guest, as well as organize the drinks for each moment, that is to say, each time
can be paired with a different drink that highlights the flavors of both the food and
each drink. You can also organize the drinks for each moment of the wedding.


For the appetizer.

For the beginning of the ceremony you can start with a light drink, this will help to
whet the appetite for when it is time for the meal, meanwhile, the guests can enjoy a
good start leaving them with a good taste in their mouth, these can be drinks that do
not contain much alcohol, because it is only to whet the appetite of our guests, also,
a white wine can help to achieve this goal.


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For the banquet.

The drink for the banquet already depends on the menu that the bride and groom
chose, if it is seafood the perfect pairing would be accompanied by a light and fresh
white wine, some examples of these could be grapes such as Albariño, Verdejo,
Godello or Chardonnay as these will enhance the flavor of our menu, If they are red
meats would go well with a red wine, of course this will also depend a lot on the
type of guests you have, as well as the taste of the bride and groom, as red wines are
usually a little stronger depending on the grape and the cut that will be served at

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9. Wedding Toast.

The toast is one of the most special and awaited moments for the bride and groom,
on this occasion they could use some Champagne.


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For the party.


After having finished the dinner for the rest of the party, it would be good to serve
stronger drinks or a good idea would be to have an open bar with a time limit with
liquors such as whiskey, vodka, tequila.


10. Ambiance.


There are many wedding styles, you can choose a theme and ask your guests to go
according to the theme the bride and groom have chosen. An idea for a wedding theme can be minimalist, country, glamorous, vintage,
Mexican. Choosing a theme can make the wedding much more fun and creative.
The centerpieces have a great protagonism, they accompany and complement the
decoration of the event and the style of the bride and groom, being an essential
element in any wedding. The centerpiece will depend on the style of wedding that
has been planned, for example classic, modern, country, vintage or ecological, this
will determine the type of floral arrangement and the colors to be used. Likewise,
the place and time must be taken into account since it will also depend on the
selected theme, for example, if the wedding is in a garden, the beach or a hall, it
may be during the day or at night when the party will take place.


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11. Lighting.

Lighting is as important as music, since it is one more element to create a good
atmosphere, from candles to the type of lights used, lighting brings warmth and also
harmonizes the other colors of the decorations.


12. Traditions.

Bouquet and garter tossing.

For the bride and groom’s bouquet and garter toss, there may be several moments

After the bride and groom’s first dance
Many couples choose to toss the bouquet after the bride and groom’s first dance or
toast. If the more formal photo sessions are over, this is when your guests won’t
mind having their hair undone.
At the end of the reception.
Invite the guests to enjoy and have fun at this moment after having enjoyed a
delicious banquet.
After the first dance.
Nothing would be more special than after enjoying the waltz of the bride and
groom, encourage your guests to participate in this tradition, it would be a good
option to raise the good atmosphere of the rest of the party time.


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13. Wedding Toast

The toast is a very important and special moment, since it is a good time for the
bride and groom to give a speech to their guests or to a particular loved one. It is
also a good moment for the wedding loved ones to get together and capture that
moment with a good photograph and video.

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