All breakfast services include Coffee, Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit, Granola, Yogurt

Huevos Rancheros

Bed of tortilla, ranchera sauce, sour cream, refried black beans, country fried potatoes and bacon

Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon

Caramelized bananas, raspberries, maple syrup and butter on the side

Stuffed Organic Vegetable & Goat Cheese Omelet

Poblano pepper, corn, zucchini. Served with spinach, cherry tomato, balsamic vinegar and avocado slices

French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon

Blackberry sauce, dried coconut and almond slices, apple syrup

Cheese, Bacon & Eggs Burritos

Refried pinto beans, red tomato sauce, avocado slices

Chorizo & Eggs

Country-fried potatoes, refried beans, roasted red sauce and cactus tortilla

Ham And Cheese Omelet

Hash brown potatoes, toast, butter, strawberry jam

Chilaquiles Con Salsa Verde And Scrambled Eggs

Green sauce, cheese, sour cream and country fried potatoes

Avocado Toast & Scrambled Egg

Avocado toast with hummus, spinach, dried cranberries, feta cheese,
citrus dressing and bacon



$25.00 per person + Federal Tax



Please limit your selection to the same item for the entire party
8 people minimum required per service
(It includes food cost, chef, chef assistant, waiter, tax and kitchen clean up)